Thursday, September 6, 2007

Entering the MTC

Well yesterday Daniel entered the MTC. There was crying and smiles. I bet you can guess who the smiles were coming from, Yep thats right Daniel was smiling, and everyone else was crying. He was super nervous and also super excited. It was so good to be able to go and see him off. It is also kind of crazy for me because he is just up the street, but I can't see him. He is off to do the Lord's work and is going to be great. Mom, Dad, Rachel and Anthon, Joseph and Suzanne and Ali and Ethan, David, and I were all there. We went to breakfast at Mimis Cafe and ate super fast. Especially Daniel. He scarfed down his food. I thought he was going to be sick, and he kind of was, but that was because he was so nervous to be going on his mission. The food was great and once we were done, we headed off to the MTC. Daniel is the sixth in his family to go on a mission. He has had four brothers and one sister serve before him. So he has many great examples to look up to. We love you Daniel and know you will do awesome. Oh yeah I almost forgot his name tag is so cool. Lets see you read it!

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Jennifer said...

What a good sister to post for Daniel. Grace keeps pointing out Taiwan on the world map saying "Uncle Daniel. Missionary. Tiawan." We are so excited for him. We pray he learns the language quickly.