Monday, May 30, 2011

Colorado and the Train ride home!

Well, after spending a little over a week in Iowa, Edwin and Jennifer and the kids took me to the train station and I left Iowa. The train ride went fairly well, although the train was over an hour late getting into the station, and an hour late getting to Denver. Ben picked me up at the train station and took me the rest of the way home. It was nice spending almost a week with Ben and Shanna. I helped Shanna rearrange the basement, and also helped move the toys down into the basement. I went on a nice hike with Benjamin on Saturday. It was pretty, although it was snowing that morning. Then Monday morning, Shanna took me to the train station and I rode the train through the rockies, and through grand junction up to provo. It was a gorgeous ride. Thank you Leonora and Kevin for picking me up and letting me stay there.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Going to Iowa

Well, I figure its high time I update my blog! I have been a little slow at updating it lately.

At the end of the semester I decided I'd take a couple weeks vacation to go and visit Edwin, Jen, and the kids in Iowa, and to visit Ben and Shanna and their kids in Colorado.

I rode to Iowa with my friend Jessica Bahr that lived in Des Moines. We left friday afternoon, and spent the night at Ben and Shanna's in Colorado, then woke up and drove the rest of the way on Saturday. It was a pretty interesting drive, although I found Nebraska to be quite boring to drive through. Iowa was really pretty though, nice rolling hills and it was good to see green after being in Rexburg for the winter for so long. Edwin and Jennifer came and picked me up saturday night and took me back to their place. I helped Edwin teach his primary class, which was enjoyable going to primary again.

I then spent a day shadowing Edwin at the hospital. It was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent there, although it did make me a bit drowsy. While I was there Edwin also took me fishing for a day. I caught my first Bass that day. Edwin filleted it and cooked it that night. It was pretty tasty. I did get sick while I was in Iowa, but got feeling well enough that Edwin and I drove down to Nauvoo to go to the temple. I helped Edwin teach his primary class again and enjoyed that. Jennifer made me a purple tie that I wore to church as well.

I also spent half of a day shadowing a pathologist that lives in Edwin and Jennifer's ward. I really enjoyed that and it made me want to go to med school. The night before I left we also made tie dye shirts, which was pretty fun. I really enjoyed my stay in Iowa playing with Grace, Anne, and James and visiting with Edwin and Jennifer.