Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, quite a bit has happened since the last time I wrote. Last week I had fun working at the ranch. We left wednesday night though, so friday and saturday I went and surveyed. Richard and I ended up going to grand teton national park and taking the grassy lake road home. Its 30 miles of dirt road and was pretty fun, we drove the element through several miles of closed roads and got some funny looks from people seeing someone drive an element through there. We made it safely though, and in less time than it took to go the other way, so it was worth it, plus it made some good memories. I also had two dates that weekend. They were fun. Went to the ice caves, and I also went geocaching. this last week I had fun at work again, mowed the lawns twice while I was up there, and also planted a herb garden at the girls ranch. We went climbing twice while there and had fun both times, it just so happened that both times we also ended after the sun had already gone down. This weekend I also had to give a talk in the singles branch. I was glad to have the opportunity to talk because it made me pick something out and study up on it. I was inspired by something Rohan did on friday when he was here. He got his hand covered in used oil in the garage and I helped him clean it off. It was really cute how he had me help him, and how he didn't want anyone else to find out but how willing he was to listen to me. It made me think of Mosiah 3:19 and gave me a good subject for my talk. I enjoyed giving it, and surprisingly spoke for about 20 minutes or so, and didn't even give my whole talk. Well thats enough rambling for today。 I'll post more after I get back from being a mentor on the boys ranch in mid july! 下次見!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I finished running the dam half marathon! It was pretty fun this morning. I was a bit nervous for it, but managed to do really well. I ran it in 1:52:26 my first time ever so it was also my PR! I did really well until about 10 miles out, thats when my knee started to hurt, and my mile times were about 10 minutes for a bit. It was a fun race though. I wore my don't mess with texas shirt and everyone was cheering for texas while I was running. It was fun, and I was glad to finish. My knee hurt a bit after my run, but its feeling alright now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Dam Marathon!

Well, its been a little while since I'veposted so I'll do a quick update. While working on the ranch I had an accident starting a chainsaw which resulted in a bruised knee. Which happened to throw a big monkey wrench into my training plans for the half marathon. I would run on it and after about two miles it would hurt too much to keep going. This week it finally has started to feel better which is good because its race day tomorrow! I'm excited/nervous for it because I haven't been able to run much for training. I picked up my packet for it today though and am looking forward to giving it my best tomorrow morning. This week I bought a knee brace to wear and wore it while running/hiking up a mountain on tuesday morning. It felt good going up, but hurt a little coming down. That day I then worked 12 hours digging post holes and putting up a rail fence and mowing all of the lawns on both the boys and girls ranch. Then after allof this we decided to go climbing that day as well, and still went climbing. It was great. I onsited a 5.7 route leading for the first time after my mission on my brand new quickdraws. It was a really fun day. I was real sore the next morning though. My knee didn't hurt though, so thats a good sign.

Thursday on the way home Matt and I also decided to stop and climb at paramount rock on the way home. It was fun and I lead a 5.8 that I had never climbed before. I also went to instit
ute and really enjoyed that.

Well, wish me luck on my race tomorrow. I hope that my knee lets me run the race alright. It will be pretty interesting running it. I'll update how it went some time soon