Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter News

      This winter has been lots of fun. Our little buddy turned one year old November 28. Becca had planed a really fun monster party for some of the little kiddos, but everybody got really sick so we had to cancel. Instead we had some chocolate cupcakes. Little buddy doesn't really like sweets so he tried a little, and then kept handing it to us to eat.

  During Christmas he got his first haircut to get it out of his eyes. We couldn't believe how grown up our little boy looked.
After christmas Becca's mom got married on the 27th. We haven't gotten much snow this winter. When it does snow we try to get up to the mountains to enjoy a snow hike. We went with Becca's sister Bitsy who is living with us now, and a few friends.

   It's been fun having Becca's sister with us, and has been a big help while Becca is still taking classes. The last two weeks our little buddy has started walking more, and more. It has been fun watching him explore the world more. He also chats a lot trying to figure out how to communicate with us. He can say DADA, and he loves to dance. 
  We also have decided to take one epic trip this summer. We bought tickets for Taiwan. We are going in May. We are all excited to return to my mission, and see some of the beauties of Taiwan. We are taking little buddy with us, we are a little worried about the 14 hour flight to Taiwan. Becca has been reading a lot of international family travel blogs to prep. Little buddy is a really curious happy kid so we hope all things will go well. 
  Becca will be finished with this semester at the end of April, and then finish her associates in the fall. She is still trying to figure out her major so she has decided to take a little break after fall to figure things out. 
  I got a promotion at work, and now create tests to be used in quality control. I really like my new position. It's more concentrating on one thing at a time, and less working with a bunch of different batches of products at one time. 
  We look forward to all the spring and summer adventures we are going to have. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer was a blast and fall has come at last.

Well fall has come to the Salt Lake mountains. It kind of snuck up on us. One day we are going to the pool. Two weeks later the apple trees are dropping fruit and the mountains have fall colors. This summer was full of fun times. Daniel ran the Wasatch back Ragnar the weekend before the fourth of July. We got to visit all the family except David(who is on his mission still). We had our family pictures taken.

This is one of our favorites.

We had a big hike day with almost all the kiddos to a lake where we went fishing. The kiddos did awesome and we loved hearing them grown when they said, "How much longer?" and Uncle Edwin would respond,"10 more Idaho minutes" which I learned was actually about 20 normal minutes. :)

In July we celebrated my birthday the big 25 and in August we celebrated Daniel's the big 26.
Daniel made apple pie from scratch! YUUUMMM! and I made Daniel German Chocolate cake for his birthday! YUMMM!

A good amount of our weekends we get to play games with our friend Kenny. Gordon likes to put in his opinion on who should play what.

Gordon has learned to crawl now and he also pulls himself up to stand anywhere he feels like it. He loves to cruz around the house so we set up the sofa and the table in the living room so he can walk around holding on. He also has gotten both his bottom baby teeth. We went to the Utah State Fair this weekend. Gordon loved hearing the goats talk to him. He would laugh super hard when ever he heard them. Here he is crawling when we play hide and seek.

We are all doing really well. Daniel still enjoys his job at Actavis(used to be Watson) Pharmaceuticals. Gordon likes crawling, wrestling, and being outside. His favorite show right now is Royal Pains. He likes to dance to the intro and will stop what ever he is doing to crawl to the T.V. and dance. I have started my classes this fall and am doing really well trying to juggle baby, husband, and home with school. Hope this fall is full of fun! Love you all!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


  Wow, it has been a long time since we have posted! Let's see what has been going on. We go on weekend hikes all the time. Unless Baby G has kept us up a lot of the week, then we take lots of naps during the weekend, and do chores. Baby G loves to hike. He loves the wind in his hair and looking around at everything.

 On the easier hikes he relaxes in his stroller just like this picture below.

On the more difficult unpaved hikes we strap him into his carrier. Mom or Dad will be his mountain goat like this picture.
  On Mothers Day weekend we went up to Idaho to visit our families. It was wonderful! On the way up we visited Grandpa Eugene and Grandma Arley. Baby G sat on Grandpa's lap and just chatted to him for a good ten minutes. Here is a picture of the two.
Grandpa and Baby G.
When we went up to Idaho Becca was able to take a four generation photo. It was really neat because Becca had never spent a Mothers Day with her Grandma Barb before.

Here is a picture of all of them on the couch at Becca's mom's house.

   Baby G loves his Grammie. We were at Grandma Barb's apartment when Baby G and Grammie tried to sneak off back to Grammie's house. No one even noticed he just kept chatting happily to her, and didn't protest at all.

  Next our adventures took us to Wyoming and Colorado during Memorial day weekend. We had fun visiting Edwin, Jen, and all the nieces and nephews in Wyoming. We got to go to The Sinks. Which is a part of a river that flows under ground at one point comes up at another, and then flows back down under the mountain again. 

Here is a picture that helps to explain a little. 

 Another neat piece of knowledge is that this river flows south to north not north to south like most others. In this photo the water is flowing from the right, and going under the limestone to the left.
Daniel and Edwin also went on a beautiful hike while we visited. Becca and Jen stayed home with the kids playing games. When Edwin and Daniel came home we noticed some scratches on Daniel. Apparently in his glee to be hiking with his brother he had run ahead a little ways. When he turned around to see how Edwin was doing he tripped on a rock, and super manned into the dirt. He was pretty scuffed up. A few days later the top of his left foot bruised and swelled up. It still didn't deter this mountain man, but I think he learned his lesson. Don't run and not look where your going.

  We finally made it to Colorado and enjoyed our time with all the family there. Daniel got to go on a hike with Dad, Ben, and Rohan. 

                                   Here is a picture of them at the top of Horsetooth.

  We also were able to visit with Kevin, Leonora and their girls. Baby Clara, who is 3 months old, is adorable. We all went to the Raptors Sanctuary on Memorial day, except Dad and Mom, they started heading back to Idaho. Here is a picture of a bald eagle that was wounded and stays at the sanctuary as an ambassador for the wild life park.
Here is a picture of the bald eagle checking out Daniel.
  Daniel didn't look good enough to eat so we were all able to get home safe and sound. Sadly we had to go home to Utah, but we had lots of fun! Thank you to all the family who put up with us for our vacation. We enjoyed it a lot and loved being able to introduce Baby G to more of his family. 

   This weekend we were able to celebrate a big achievement of a friend of ours. Rudy, is an old roommates of Daniel's, and Daniel was able to ordain him to the priesthood as an Elder in our church. Which means he can now have some pretty amazing opportunities to serve more in the church. Here is a picture after a little lunch we had at Rudy's place.
We are really proud of Rudy and all of his hard work. He has been a great example to us of being diligent with growing our testimonies of Jesus Christ. Congratulations Rudy!

 Hopefully we will keep the blog more current, but we love all of you. Next adventure is a Ragnar for Daniel with some of his family members, and some of his Stucki relatives, and celebrating the fourth of July in Idaho with even more family members to meet. Have a great summer everyone!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finally updated

Becca and I have been a little absent lately on the blog, but I thought that I would update you on some of our recent happenings. In August we moved from our first cute little duplex up to Salt Lake City. We really like that I have a lot shorter of a commute to work, and that I have two extra hours in my day now.

Becca and I spent our first thanksgiving as a married couple in the hospital giving birth to our sweet little son, Gordon Eugene Butler. He is doing great and is a a fun little boy, his toothless grin melts my heart every time I see it. We blessed him this month.

Here are a few pictures of what's been going on. I posted a picture of Becca near the very end of her pregnancy, and some photos of the dressers I put together and stained/varnished.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our little baby!

Today was sweltering hot! So what is a pregnant lady to do? Sleep in the only room with an AC unit. I made us late for our appointment because I took a nap and then needed a shower. It was worth the wait!


That is right ladies and gentlemen we are having a baby boy!!! We hope you have all enjoyed the wait. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!

This is Becca. Pregnancy has been going pretty well. I finally am getting some energy and appetite back. I have made almost every dinner this last week or so! I was also able to eat it and not throw up! My belly is getting bigger which surprises me every time I look in the mirror. No funny cravings. I love fruit I crave it all the time. Popsicles, shaved ice, fruit smoothies, and fruit drinks are also really big on my eating list. We have a fridge stocked and we bought a blender to help the cravings. We won't know until July 10th what we are having, but we keep trying to get baby names together.

Here are photos of my belly bump:(Beware my belly is exposed)

First month of pregnancy:
 Second Month:
 Second Month and a half:
 Third Month:
 Fourth Month:

These last two weeks we have gone to Orem Summer fest. Which is a carnival with rides and great food. There was a sign as soon as you walk up to the ticket booth for rides that said "No pregnant women on rides." So Daniel and I enjoyed the food. We have been able to go swimming which baby really likes. We have also been to another carnival and we went to a kids old time candy/toy store. We have been having a lot of fun when baby lets me, and are excited to spend our summer together instead of long distance.

Daniel is still working at Actavis pharmaceuticals which has been a wonderful job that he has really enjoyed. We are still looking to move to SLC. Other then that we are doing great!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Updates on life

Well things have been going pretty well for Becca and I as of late. We are excited that baby is growing and doing well. We have an ultrasound scheduled for July 10th, and then we will know what we are having. Becca has been doing very well with the pregnancy and hasn't been as nauseous lately.

Becca and I are still looking to move closer to work. We haven't found any place we like yet, but will plan on moving in early August, or late July.

Work is going well for me, I'm enjoying what I do and enjoy working with a bunch of nerdy chemists.

All in all things are going great. The Lord really has blessed me and my wife.