Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello Everyone!

This is Becca. Pregnancy has been going pretty well. I finally am getting some energy and appetite back. I have made almost every dinner this last week or so! I was also able to eat it and not throw up! My belly is getting bigger which surprises me every time I look in the mirror. No funny cravings. I love fruit I crave it all the time. Popsicles, shaved ice, fruit smoothies, and fruit drinks are also really big on my eating list. We have a fridge stocked and we bought a blender to help the cravings. We won't know until July 10th what we are having, but we keep trying to get baby names together.

Here are photos of my belly bump:(Beware my belly is exposed)

First month of pregnancy:
 Second Month:
 Second Month and a half:
 Third Month:
 Fourth Month:

These last two weeks we have gone to Orem Summer fest. Which is a carnival with rides and great food. There was a sign as soon as you walk up to the ticket booth for rides that said "No pregnant women on rides." So Daniel and I enjoyed the food. We have been able to go swimming which baby really likes. We have also been to another carnival and we went to a kids old time candy/toy store. We have been having a lot of fun when baby lets me, and are excited to spend our summer together instead of long distance.

Daniel is still working at Actavis pharmaceuticals which has been a wonderful job that he has really enjoyed. We are still looking to move to SLC. Other then that we are doing great!

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