Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter News

      This winter has been lots of fun. Our little buddy turned one year old November 28. Becca had planed a really fun monster party for some of the little kiddos, but everybody got really sick so we had to cancel. Instead we had some chocolate cupcakes. Little buddy doesn't really like sweets so he tried a little, and then kept handing it to us to eat.

  During Christmas he got his first haircut to get it out of his eyes. We couldn't believe how grown up our little boy looked.
After christmas Becca's mom got married on the 27th. We haven't gotten much snow this winter. When it does snow we try to get up to the mountains to enjoy a snow hike. We went with Becca's sister Bitsy who is living with us now, and a few friends.

   It's been fun having Becca's sister with us, and has been a big help while Becca is still taking classes. The last two weeks our little buddy has started walking more, and more. It has been fun watching him explore the world more. He also chats a lot trying to figure out how to communicate with us. He can say DADA, and he loves to dance. 
  We also have decided to take one epic trip this summer. We bought tickets for Taiwan. We are going in May. We are all excited to return to my mission, and see some of the beauties of Taiwan. We are taking little buddy with us, we are a little worried about the 14 hour flight to Taiwan. Becca has been reading a lot of international family travel blogs to prep. Little buddy is a really curious happy kid so we hope all things will go well. 
  Becca will be finished with this semester at the end of April, and then finish her associates in the fall. She is still trying to figure out her major so she has decided to take a little break after fall to figure things out. 
  I got a promotion at work, and now create tests to be used in quality control. I really like my new position. It's more concentrating on one thing at a time, and less working with a bunch of different batches of products at one time. 
  We look forward to all the spring and summer adventures we are going to have.