Friday, May 3, 2013

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes.......

A full time job with benefits!

 Well, it has been quite a while since I've updated ye olde blog, seeing as how the last post I made was right before Becca and I got married. So here is a quick update on things that have happened in the last little bit, and then we'll get to the good stuff.

Becca and I were married, it was awesome.

We spent Christmas with the family in Idaho, braving snow storms on the way up and the way back down.

Good old jeep got us through them just fine though.

I took my pretty lady cross country skiing.

She did great.

I started a position at a pharmaceutical plant as a temp.

I missed interviewing at University of Iowa med school due to ice storms at both Salt Lake and Cedar
Rapids. No interview invites from any other schools.

Becca fulfilled one of her life long dreams of running a Ragnar.

David left for his mission and Bitsy got her mission call.

We bought binoculars to go stargazing with. They're pretty neat.

I got hired full time at the pharmaceutical plant as a quality control Chemist. I test drugs all day with a bunch of nerds, and they pay me moneys, and give me free drugs aka great insurance. Which brings us to.....

Pause for effect



Becca is 10 weeks pregnant, working hard all day long at producing a beautiful little peanut inside of my beautiful bride. She has been fighting morning sickness, but is defiantly winning the war. She has some weird food aversions as well, so she isn't winning all the battles.