Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice Climbing!

I have wanted to go ice climbing eversince I started coming to BYU-I and saw that the school took trips ice climbing. I always tried to get someone to come with me butno one ever would, so I decided that if I was ever going to go ice climbing I should just take the plunge and sign up and go without knowing anyone else that was going with me.

I had to wake up at 3:30 and get
all of my stuff together and make it to the ORC to catch the van to go at 4 am. We then drove to Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman Montana and parked at a trailhead and took a short 15
minute hike to get to the ice. The leaders of the trip went and set up four ropes fo
r us to climb on and then came and gave us some instruction of how to ice climb and what to do. It was pretty cool being able to just hack into the ice with the ice tools and kick into it with the crampons and then just climb up it. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and found that I like ice climbing just like I like rock climbing. I did have to be a little careful of where I stepped though, crampons can rip your pants pretty fast, luckily I only had one mishap where I kicked a hole in my pants while climbing.

I also decided to take my hammock with me, which was nice so I could have a place to sit down and relax that wasn't in the snow. It was a long tiring day, but also very fun. After we spent most of the day on the mountain, we stopped for pizza at a place called
MacKenzie River Pizza Co. It was some pretty good pizza. We then left to head back to Rexburg and made it back at 9:30 pm. I highly recommend going ice climbing. It is very fun.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

4 tests and more adventures

Well, this last week has been a busy one. I had four tests to take throughout the week, one for each one of my classes. So tuesday came around and I spent over 5 hours in the testing center taking my linear algebra test, and then my physics 220 test. I spent the entire day on campus because I was there from 8 am until about 10 pm, I had work at 7 and made it there right after I finished my physics test. At 8:30 I had my tutor teaching methods class to go to, and then I had a futsal game at 9:00 that I was late to because my class didn't get out in time. I enjoy being busy though, for the most part. Since I was so busy though, it meant the state of my apartment was a little bit lacking in cleanliness, but thats ok. I don't have any tests this next week and can take time to clean up and organize and get back into the swing of things. I did well on the 3 test scores that I've gotten back so far. The lowest was in my chinese class, a 90% with a 97% on my microbiology test and I got a 96% on my linear algebra test. I'm rather amazed at how effective the human brain is at learning and remembering all of the information that I have learned from my classes, its truly amazing.

So after I took 4 tests this week and was busier than I've been in a long time, I decided to have an adventure this weekend by going snowshoeing. It was the fist time I went and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had my buddy Jon, his roommate, and their dates come with me. I was going to take Katelyn with me as well, but she hurt herself snowboarding and wasn't feeling up to it. We went to Bear Gulch/Mesa Falls area and we were going to hike along the old railway trail, but I couldn't find where it started, so we just ended up hiking through the woods. I think this was a better choice though, because we were on untracked powder and it made snowshoeing quite a bit more fun that it would have been otherwise I think. Well, thats about it for my current post, I don't have the pictures from snowshoeing on my computer yet, so I'll put pictures up later.