Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer was a blast and fall has come at last.

Well fall has come to the Salt Lake mountains. It kind of snuck up on us. One day we are going to the pool. Two weeks later the apple trees are dropping fruit and the mountains have fall colors. This summer was full of fun times. Daniel ran the Wasatch back Ragnar the weekend before the fourth of July. We got to visit all the family except David(who is on his mission still). We had our family pictures taken.

This is one of our favorites.

We had a big hike day with almost all the kiddos to a lake where we went fishing. The kiddos did awesome and we loved hearing them grown when they said, "How much longer?" and Uncle Edwin would respond,"10 more Idaho minutes" which I learned was actually about 20 normal minutes. :)

In July we celebrated my birthday the big 25 and in August we celebrated Daniel's the big 26.
Daniel made apple pie from scratch! YUUUMMM! and I made Daniel German Chocolate cake for his birthday! YUMMM!

A good amount of our weekends we get to play games with our friend Kenny. Gordon likes to put in his opinion on who should play what.

Gordon has learned to crawl now and he also pulls himself up to stand anywhere he feels like it. He loves to cruz around the house so we set up the sofa and the table in the living room so he can walk around holding on. He also has gotten both his bottom baby teeth. We went to the Utah State Fair this weekend. Gordon loved hearing the goats talk to him. He would laugh super hard when ever he heard them. Here he is crawling when we play hide and seek.

We are all doing really well. Daniel still enjoys his job at Actavis(used to be Watson) Pharmaceuticals. Gordon likes crawling, wrestling, and being outside. His favorite show right now is Royal Pains. He likes to dance to the intro and will stop what ever he is doing to crawl to the T.V. and dance. I have started my classes this fall and am doing really well trying to juggle baby, husband, and home with school. Hope this fall is full of fun! Love you all!