Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hiking the Middle Teton, oh and why not the South while we're there.

Well, I had been wanting to go on a good hike for a while, and had debated about going and Hiking Mt. Borah. I didn't want to go by myself so I asked a buddy and he suggested hiking the Middle Teton. So thats what we decided to go and do. After working all week landscaping, I stayed at the cabin in Victor and Dillon and hislittle brother came up and spent the night there as well. Then Fridaymorning we got up at 2:30 and left to go to Grand Teton National park. We parked at the Lupine Meadows trailhead and started up the trail at 4:30 am. The sky was perfectly clear and there was a mostly full moon to guide us up the trail until the sun roseabout 6:10 am. We made pretty good time getting to the meadows, where we stopped and ate breakfast, and saw a nice doe and her fawn grazing 30 feet from us. We thencontinued on up the trail and made it to the saddle where we could see iceflow lake below us. We stopped there and ate "lunch" at 9:00 am and took a little break. We then set out to summit the Middle Teton. It took us about two hours to get to the summit, where we took several pictures, and made some phone calls and just enjoyed the view. We then decided that since the weather was so nice, and because we weren't all that tired, that we would also summit the south teton as well. So after making it back to the saddle, we continued on hiking up to the summit of the south Teton. After another hour of hiking, we made it to the top. It gave some very nice views of the valley. We then hiked down, and slid down all of the snowfields that we could to make getting out as fast as we could. It was quite the hike, we went up about 7,000 vertical feet, and hiked about 16 miles round trip that day. We got back to the cabin at 9:30 that night, and by the time we went to sleep, we'd been awake for about 20 hours all together. It was quite the ordeal. It was well worth it though.


Susan said...

Thanks for the special rocks from the Tetons for the boys. They really enjoyed looking at these pictures of where you were when you found the rocks (that's what I told them). Love you!

Shanna Butler said...

Um, that picture of you on top of the rock makes me nervous