Sunday, December 5, 2010

More updates on Adventures

So, to follow my current trend, I'll be trying to make updates on the recent adventures that I've had since school started, currently I will be posting about my temple to temple relay adventure.


So the school put on a relay where we ran from the Rexburg Temple to the Idaho Falls temple. I decided that I wanted to run in it, so I worked on putting together a team since I didn't know anyone whose team I could join. I found 7 other friends to run in the relay with me so that we could have fun together. We each ran one leg, and totaled about 40 miles. I ran the longest leg, which was 7.2 miles. My goal was to finish in under an hour, which I did even with forgetting to wear my knee brace. I also met some fun new friends on the relay. It was enjoyable, it also gave me a little bit of an idea what running the Ragnar relay in October would be like. I really enjoyed running relays.

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