Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shooting, Xc skiing, Snowshoeing, and a half submersed jeep.

Well, it has been a little while since I've posted on here and I've had quite a few adventures since then, so I thought its due time that I write about some of them, and put some photos up on here.

This year for valentines day, I bought myself a Shotgun because I once again found myself without a valentines. I find its a good way to treat myself, and get something that I've wanted for a while to ease t
he pain of singles awareness day. Its been fun to go shooting with people from school and has been rather adventurous.

I've also gone snowshoeing a couple of times, thanks to Linden for letting me borrow his
snow shoes. It has been a lot of fun hiking around in the mountains in the winter time with them, and I will definitely go more often than I have.

I have also gone cross country skiing a couple of times this winter, and will definitely be doing more of that this next winter. Its been fun.

Another interesting thing that has happened is that Rexburg housing decided that since our roof has been leaking the entire two semesters that I've lived here, that they should finally do something about fixing it now that its almost finals week, and is the perfect time to have a torn up apartment. They decided to rip out our skylight and re-roof the house, and while doing that I came home to a giant hole in the roof. They didn't even let us know
they were going to be doing it.

The most interesting thing that has happened recently though, is that I went off-roading with my roommate and some friends last night by the Menan Buttes. Dillon was up visiting from BYU and I Kayla Pascoe was with us. My roommate Marshall was going through a puddle when his Truck just died. It wouldn't start, wouldn't do anything. so I pulled him out of the puddle and was towing him back, when I realized we were going the wrong way, so we left his truck there, and all got in my jeep to head out. I was heading out, and being careful through the puddles, when we came to what would more accurately be called a pond-puddle. It was deceivingly shallow looking, but I still wanted to take it safe, so I thought I'd stick to the left side of it, which looked fine from the outside, but there was a hole right in the line I chose to go through the miniature lake. The engine died, and I could see water out of the drivers side window, that was slowly seeping in through the door. It was a pretty interesting thing to see happen. The water came all the way up to the driver side seat cushions, and the jeep was at about a 30 degree angle. We called some friends who came with their trucks and pulled me out, and towed my jeep back to my apartment. If all goes well, the engine is just hydrolocked and should be fine if I can get the water out of it. So hopefully all goes well. No one was hurt in the process, and I only had to wade through about 3-4 feet of water, and fumble numbly as I hooked the tow strap up to my jeep to get it pulled out. Luckily as we were headed out the door that night, I thought it would be a good idea to grab my coveralls, just in case anything happened I would be warm as I laid in mud to get my jeep out. I also always have my boots in the back of my jeep, for just such an emergency.


Rachel said...

What an interesting adventure!! Glad you got out safely. Good luck with your jeep. And I am wondering why you didn't post any pictures of your adorable niece on your blog.

Susan said...

sounds like you have been super busy! Glad that you are safe, how's the jeep? Love you!