Saturday, October 22, 2011

Life is an Adventure

Its amazing the twists and turns that life can take you through. I wouldn't live without it though. Some of the most recent ones have been:

I put another team together for the temple to temple relay. It was a lot of fun. We packed all of us into my old roommate Marshall's 4runner and took off to run to the temple. It was a lot of fun, and I did get quite a bit of sun that day.

Another recent adventure has just been trying to survive my ridiculous life, particularly my class schedule. I'm not taking too many credits this semester, but I'm also working, and trying to have a social life at the same time. Dating can be pretty crazy sometimes, full of its own adventures, and trying to figure things out, all while having fun at the same time. You'd think with how many dates I normally go on, that I'd be a lot better at this than I am. But such is life.

Last week, I also went home and went hunting with Dad and David. It was fun hiking in the woods with Dad, and building a sling out of dad's shoelaces and the leather patch from the back of David's pants. We also had quite the time trying to navigate cliffs to get back down to the truck. But alls well that ends well.

Today I had planned on going mountain biking with my roommate Jon. We went and it was a much needed relaxing day in the mountains. It was good getting out and seeing the beautiful fall colors. I'd driven out there last saturday night, but had missed seeing the scenery.

This week I also submitted a grad plan, and I will be walking in april, and then finishing my degree by completing an internship. Its kind of stressful, since I'll have to take 10 credits of chemistry, and then figure out what I want to do with my life for the next year before I start med school. I've recently purchased MCAT test prep books as well, and that is taking up my spare time. its an interesting point in my life, full of a lot of decision making. wish me luck

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Kevin and Leonora said...

Life sure is an adventure. This is a fun time in your life. Reading your post makes me remember my college life. So fun! Love ya, and I know you can do it all. :)