Monday, January 30, 2012

Stress Relievers

This last semester is proving to be a stressful one. I spend 12+ hours a day monday through friday doing homework or going to class, then I have to cut into my weekends to try and get everything else done that I normally have to do during the week. It is a lot of homework and assignments. I guess thats what I get for being a senior chemistry major, and taking 10 credits of chemistry in one semester, its going to be an intense semester. I do make sure I have time for fun though :) This week I had a friend over on wednesday for dinner and just to relax and catch up on our crazy lives. Both her and I are very busy this semester. Friday I had a lot of fun going to the climbing gym with a girl. It was a very nice stress reliever, and made me realize how much I missed climbing. I was sad that I only made it climbing on real rock about 2 times this last summer. I did get to make it to twenty plus states though, as well as kayak quite a bit. So it had its trade offs. On Saturday Aaron wanted to go hike some places and go skiing. I went with him, but took some cross country skis. It made for a good Saturday afternoon/night. I am a little sore from it, but will definitely go again. I also tried his downhill skis. They were fun, I want to try downhill skiing on a real slope. Maybe some weekend I'll find time for that... I'm also hoping I'll be able to go on a winter backpacking trip this winter. I'll see how it goes with school.

I am trying to get an internship in Colorado, and I'm also working on an application for an internship in Taiwan. I hope I can find a good internship that I'll enjoy.

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Shanna Butler said...

Yah for Colorado! We have good skiing here too, I hear :)