Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fire and Rain!

Well, I didn't update last week, because I didn't have a super exciting week last week, I was getting better from having strep throat, and spent most of the week lounging around at home. I did try and fly my kite, but it wore me out in about a half hour, and I did go rock climbing, but that wore me out super fast, and I got stung by a wasp about 5 minutes after I got there. I did go to the dentist, and he fixed one of my teeth that had chipped again, it broke after he fixed it last time. I also went and bought some gym shorts, deodorant, a razor, and stuff like that too. That pretty much sums up last week, oh I did have a good Birthday, and thanks for all of the Birthday wishes, they were very nice.

Last sunday we had Elder Hales come and speak at our stake conference. It was a very neat experience having an apostle of the lord come to our stake conference and speak. Sunday morning there was a youth meeting, where all the youth in the stake were invited to come and here him and his wife speak, and then everyone got to shake his hand after the meeting. The chapel was packed for it, and stake conference was even fuller, its sad that stake conference isn't always that packed, and that people don't always show up that early for all church meetings.

Well, this last week was my first and last week working for HK. I decided to work for them so I could cash the check I get from them, and take that with me to Taiwan to buy my bike when I get there. It was an interesting week, there is a fire right by where the Job is. Monday they had the road closed and wouldn't let us come up and work. Tuesday they opened the road again and I worked up there all day, there were lots of firefighters driving up and down the road, and helicopters were dumping water on the fires. We would stop and watch the fires every so often while we were working. There were a lot of small places where it would just smolder, and then sometimes an entire tree would just go up in flames. It was pretty interesting to watch.

On Wednesday, the road was closed again, but they let us work, because there was no immediate fire danger. they were even more firefighters driving around, and the helicopters were more active. Around noon or so, the ridge across the canyon caught on fire, and there were huge flames and lots of smoke from it. It was pretty crazy. Thursday the whole job was covered in smoke, and we still had to work the whole day. Thursday night, we ordered a pizza from the employee pub at lake village. It was an interesting place, there was all kinds of graffiti on the walls, like they let whoever wanted to just write on the walls with a sharpie. We called ahead and ordered the pizza, and then went and picked it up, and promptly left. Friday we only worked till 10, because there was a heavy rainstorm that picked up, so that helped the fire die down, and they opened the road again. So we left promptly and I got home around 3 on friday afternoon.

Saturday, I made another attempt to go and hike Borah, the weather report said there was a 20% chance of rain, and we got halfway there, and the whole valley was dark gray and a pretty intense thunderstorm was taking place. so that put a damper on our plans to go and hike Borah, so I spent the day lounging around, waiting for Mom, Dad, David, Jimmy, and his wife to get home from yellowstone. When they got home we went out to eat at sizzler. It was pretty good. Then we came home, and I went and bought Fearless, and we watched that. Except I fell asleep near the end, because I had stayed up till 2 friday night, visiting a friend in blackfoot before she left for college, and then watching a movie when I got back home at 12. Then saturday I got up at 5 to go and hike Borah, and I didn't take a nap all day. So I'll have to watch the end from where I fell asleep, we listened to it in mandarin, with english subtitles, it was pretty cool.

Today at church, Dallin Jolley gave his welcome home talk, it was pretty good. He went to New Jersey for his mission. I can't wait to go and serve my mission, I leave in 2 and a half weeks! I speak next sunday, and I got my topic from Brother Landon today. I'm pretty excited for it. Its coming so close, and I'm ready to just go and leave right now! I am glad that I still have some time though, so I can visit all of my family and friends before I leave for two years! I'm getting really excited to fly down to Houston to visit Edwin, Jennifer, Grace, and Anne! It will be really fun! Well, the church is true, and it is led by an inspired man of God, a prophet who is the Lord's mouthpiece here on the Earth!

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edwin said...

Fearless huh? You'll have to let me know if it's good so I can watch it. Some other movies in Mandarin I've enjoyed include: "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers". All of them are martial arts sweetness.