Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Well, this week was another busy one for me, as usual. I went through the Idaho Falls Temple on Wednesday Morning, it was an awe inspiring experience. Then we went out as a family and had breakfast afterwards.

Thursday we left to go to Fort Collins, Colorado to visit my Brother Ben, his wife Shanna, and my nephew Rohan. It was a pretty uneventful drive most of the way. We drove to Boulder, Wyoming and spent the night at a campsite there. On the way, we passed through Pinedale, Wyoming. It had a sign in the town that said, "Welcome to Pinedale, all the civilization you need." I thought it was pretty funny.

Friday morning, we got up around 6, ate breakfast, packed up our wet tents, (it had rained most all day thursday, and rained off and on during the night; my new tent is pretty great at keeping me dry!) and then left to drive the rest of the way to Fort Collins, dad wanted to take the "scenic route" though. so what should have only been a 5 hour drive, ended up as a 9 hour drive through boring wyoming, and some cool parts of Colorado.

Saturday we went to Rocky Mountain National park, and went on 2 short hikes there. We drove up above the tree line for a couple of miles. It was pretty cool, driving up that far. Then Saturday night, we just hung around Ben and Shanna's place.

Sunday we went to church there in Fort Collin's. I asked Shanna to take some pictures of me, for mission pics. She's a great photographer, even though in half of the pictures I managed to have my eyes shut! Its all good! Unfortunately on Sunday morning, my throat started to hurt pretty badly. I was ok after a nap and some mint tea Shanna made for me.

Monday morning we woke up around 6 am and left to come home around 7 am. it ended up being a 9 hour drive home, and my throat was killing me the whole way home. So as soon as we got home, I went to the doctor, and he told me that I have strep throat. He said I could either take pills for 10 days, or get one shot. I opted for the shot, not knowing that it was going to be in my bum! So the nurse came back in, and stuck me in the bum and gave me my shot. My bum is still a little sore, but I'll get over it.

I am truly thankful for modern medicine that we have. Last week I just finished getting all of my immunizations that I need for my mission. My last two shots that I got were a typhoid vaccination, and one for meningococcal meningitis. It is truly amazing how we can get vaccinations to protect us from life threatening diseases, I know the men and women who came up with these vaccinations had to be inspired of the Lord.

I only have one month left until I go to the MTC to serve my Lord for two years of my life. In the grand scheme of things, two years is not a very long time to serve at all. I'm truly grateful that I am able to have the opportunity to go and serve as a representative of the Lord for two years in Taiwan. I can't wait to learn mandarin chinese and to invite my brothers and sisters who live in Taiwan and who know nothing of God or Jesus Christ to come to the true church and receive the blessings that we can get from attending the True Church. I know that we have inspired men on the earth that lead this Church how God wants them to. I know that if we follow the counsel of the prophets that everything we do in righteousness will be for our benefit. I'm anxiously awaiting the time when I can go and serve the lord by inviting them to come unto Christ, Repent, and be baptized in His name!

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Jennifer said...

You are one good looking guy!!! We love you and look forward to seeing you soon.