Sunday, November 7, 2010

Return to Waterfall Canyon!


Brent, Tyler, and I planned on making a backpacking trip before school started back up. We decided that we would repeat the backpacking trip we had done three years prior, before Brent and I left on our missions. We had fun, and ended up hiking about 26 miles in total for the two days we were there. We went off a rope swing into the freezing cold upper palisades lake. We picked huckleberries on the slope on the way up to Waterfall Canyon. We also made a return to sheep creek peak to see if our student ID cards were still there from three years ago when we were there. Mine and Brent's were not there, but we found Tyler's in the rock cairn where we had left them. It hailed pretty hard on us while we were hiking to sheep creek peak to look for our ID cards. We then power hiked back to camp and hiked out while it was raining most of the way back. We had fun. I love that hike and I love being up in waterfall canyon. It was the second time I was up there this summer.

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