Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'll just let the pictures do the talking for Kansas, except to say, it's hot. REAL hot here. 110 some days, and its pretty flat. I did make a trip to Missouri this last weekend, and we also took the sister missionaries out to dinner, and then went tracting with them in a small subdivision in Yoder, Kansas. It was pretty neat and brought back a lot of memories. Dillon and I set up an appointment with a family for the sisters to come back and teach. Hopefully all goes well with that. And thats about it for now. I had a lot of fun at the family reunion, and was only sore for a couple days after the run, a couple meaning two.

oh, the clouds are really great in Kansas, and lightning storms here are fun to watch. Thats about it for now though!

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Leonora Butler said...

Those clouds are so cool! What is the top picture? It looks gross.