Sunday, August 14, 2011

Utah Mapping

Well, after finishing up mapping weeds in Kansas, I took off for Utah for two weeks of mapping weeds out there. We worked near Strawberry Reservoir, and also by Mt. Nebo and mapped trails for the forest service there. It was a nice two weeks where I didn't have to fly anywhere, and where we could just drive to work, and were out in the mountains instead of flat kansas! It was pretty and there weren't many weeds to find anywhere. I also got to hike almost to the top of Mt. Nebo, I went until there weren't anymore plants growing and then called it good. I also managed to get a flat tire on a gravel road, I was grateful it didn't happen on the road I took the truck down the day before that. I came down from Mt. Nebo on a gravel road that was only 6 miles out, instead of taking 30 miles of pavement. It saved some time, but was pretty hairy in spots, some three point turns were required on some of the switchbacks, but alls well that ends well! It was a fun time working in Utah.

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Susan said...

6 miles instead of 20 sounds like you took a "shortcut", glad that it turned out well for you. Silly boy, probably would have been faster on the pavement. :)