Sunday, August 14, 2011

Connecticut and Boston

Well, after finishing up the two weeks of work in utah, we took off on an airplane to fly across the country again, this time we were headed to hartford connecticut. The flight there was pretty interesting, we were delayed taking off from the Washington Dolles airport due to inclement weather in the Boston airspace, so we waited thirty minutes to take off, and then we departed. We then flew to Hartford, but the lightning storm had moved from Boston and was right on the Airport landing area, so we circled and circled until we didn't have enough fuel and we had to go to Providence Rhode Island to land and refuel and then take off and fly back again. The stewardess on the plane was really nice though and the delays didn't bug me one bit.

The Connecticut Site we worked at was really pretty, the first day there we had a local who owned 30 acres adjacent to the refuge property drive us around the old roads to familiarize ourselves with what we were working with. We had 7 of us riding around in an old jeep willys. The area was really beautiful with all of the trees and the brook running through it. It was a small refuge though, with only about 285 acres that we had to map, so we finished mapping it in a day and a half and decided that we should take off to check out Boston.

We walked the freedom trail in Boston and it was neat to see all of the old buildings where a lot of American History took place. I enjoyed going to Boston.

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Shanna Butler said...

Pretty pictures Daniel. Hope schools going well now that your back!