Monday, May 7, 2012

Some Recent Happenings

Well, I keep getting told that its high time I update my blog, seeing as how it's been a few months since I've updated it. So I'll just highlight a few of my recent adventures, and upload some pictures. I survived my last semester at BYU-I. It was a little bittersweet to leave, but I survived taking 10 credits of chemistry, and only got one B, the rest were all A's this semester. I did have to stay up almost all night taking a take home test, that was due the day of commencement and convocation, as well as take the ACS standardized final for physical chemistry that day. It made for a long day, and sadly I fell asleep during commencement. Graduation was great though, Elder Ballard came and spoke at both commencement and the convocation for the college of physical sciences. After graduation came studying for the MCAT, as well as Brent's wedding. It was great to go and see Brent and Madi sealed in the Rexburg temple. I also had a fun time catching up with Jaxon and Levi and their wives since I haven't seen them much since they got married. I also met a girl at the reception, but thats a story for another blog post. Another exciting thing is I sold my old jeep, and bought another cherokee. This one runs much nicer, is manual, and actually survived the drive to colorado. Which is the other exciting thing that has happened recently, I am now in colorado, after a two day trek to make it here. I drove to Salt Lake and spent the night at Parker and Carly Chapple's. It was great visiting with them, and splitting my drive up. I also saw two other friends while I was in the area. Well, that about sums things up. I am studying for the MCAT all day everyday this week, I take it on Saturday, so I'll see how that goes, expect a post in the near future.

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suzanne said...

sweet Good luck on your test!