Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Guest Post from Becca

Well, I thought I'd put up a guest post from my girlfriend, so here it is!

 Hello bloggers of the world!

 I had a blog once but I am not exactly sure what happened to it. I ignored it for a few years and it ran away into cyberspace to find a better blogger who could keep up with it. It seems as though this blog is doing just fine and is quite healthy with loads of information about The Adventures of Daniel!( exclamation point added because I think it helps). Shockingly though Daniel has not been keeping up with all of his marvelous adventures,sad day. Especially when it comes to "The Ladies." He only put one line in his newest update. Don't worry that's were I come in! I am the girl he met at the wedding reception.

I am not quite sure where to start on my part of the story, but I guess I'll tell you why I was there. I was there to enjoy the food and the celebration of two people being sealed. I was also there because I was the nanny. So I was running around most of the wedding after 4 boys(ages 3-12) all day. Making sure that nobody got blood,vomit,dirt, or holes on any of their clothes. I feel I did my part very well. At the end of the night nobody had beaten each other, or hurt themselves, and they all had eaten good meals. Little did I know until a few dates later that Daniel had been waiting the whole time to talk to me. I am so grateful he got the courage to come talk to me, and in Daniel's normally observant(most of the time) fashion he waited until I wasn't busy with the kids and I was actually sitting down. That was one of my first clues he was a good man, because he knew not to bother me when I was so focused. So we chatted for a few hours and then he finally asked me on a date. I was excited, I finally found someone who would take me rock climbing, and I wanted to go ever since I had been back from my mission. I learned a great lesson though, the lord always has something more prepared for those who are open. So we went on a few dates both knowing he was going to Colorado and I was going to be living in Orem soon. What I didn't expect was just how interesting Daniel would be, and how happy he made me, and how little effort it took for me to be open with him. Our last date before he left we talked(and I really do mean talked) and we decided that it needed to end. I wasn't ready for how sad that would make me, but when we said good-bye that night, and I got one last hug it was like something in my heart and head said "you're sad Becca...that is what you're're sad." The next day was annoying as annoying can get. I was trying to do anything to get him out of my head and I would be perfectly distracted for a mili-second and then bam! something about Daniel would come to mind. Like the movie we saw together on our first date, or how silly he looks when his glasses start sliding down his nose, or how respectful and kind he is. So finally after trying to ignore him all day I texted him and asked "If it was as difficult a day for him as it was for me?"...and he said yes! So that is when we decided to take this whole relationship long distance,and I don't regret it. Even when I miss feeling his hand in mine..I don't regret it.

 I had a discussion with an Elder once on my mission about whether or not you could really fall in love or if it was all just lust. How could you learn to do that? Was it even possible? What is the definition of love anyway? And what is the purest kind of love that could last for eternity? I am not sure about all the answers, but I do believe one thing. I think how you fall in love is different for everyone just like how different our answers to prayers can be. Each answer is suited for each person to understand. Luckily we have been given guidance on how we do receive answers, and that it involves both our hearts and mind. It involves happiness, peace, joy, calmness, attached to whatever the answer may be. We won't always be happy with the answer, but if we are truly committed we will be willing to act on whatever the answer is and because the Lord knows our hearts He understands if we are truly committed or not. I was looking to have some fun while praying every night to become prepared to fall in love and be worthy of such a thing. Like I said before the Lord knows when to answer. This has definitely been an adventure and I am looking forward to see where it leads, no matter where that is. So what do you all think? What does Daniel think? Hmmm those are good questions, but I am happy enough knowing what I think,and that answer will have to be in a later blog.


 So I hope you enjoyed the guest post! Here are a few photos to enjoy


Lady Proteus said...

Daniel, why the heck didn't I know about your blog until today!? Dude.

Also - returned missionary girlfriends are the best. And she seems like a winner (Hi Becca!) Go you!

becca said...

hi Lady Proteus!

Thanks! RM sisters are awsome! Woot Woot!

Anonymous said...
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