Sunday, June 17, 2012

An Update on Daniel

Well, I figure its about time for me to update my blog myself. Things have been pretty busy since I've moved to Colorado, but things have also been pretty great. I really enjoy my internship. It's a lot of fun going and working on the experiments in lab. I've been creating retroviral vectors to infect cells with certain DNA fragments so that they will express specific proteins. It's pretty interesting and I really enjoy it!

In other news, I got my MCAT scores back. I didn't do quite as well as Edwin did, but I did get a 33, which puts me in about the 90th percentile range. I was pretty happy, especially considering how much I studied (or didn't study). I'm working on finishing everything else for my application right now. I've got most of my letters of recommendation in, and most everything else in as well too. Now I just need to decide what schools I want to apply to. I will be applying to Dartmouth, University of Washington, Baylor, and University of Iowa. I want to apply to 6 more, but I don't know which schools yet. 

I made a special trip memorial day weekend to visit Becca. It was great, and well worth the drive to go and see her, I also saw Mom, Dad, and David, but Becca was the main reason I drove back. We spent most all day saturday, sunday, and monday together. Saturday we went bowling, and ate dinner, and talked a lot. Sunday I drove up to Rexburg, visited with her and her mom, and then brought her home for dinner and games. Then Monday we went to Jackson and visited with her sisters there. It was hard to leave on Monday, but it was well worth the time driving to go and see her. We talk on the phone everyday and have skyped a few times as well since I've been back. Things are going well. 

This weekend Ben, Shanna, the boys, and Savitri and I spent the night in Denver, and then drove down to Pikes peak and Garden of the Gods. It was really pretty at both places, and well worth the drive. being at the summit of Pikes peak was pretty breathtaking, in more ways than one. It was really easy to get winded being above 14,000 feet. I took quite a few photos with Shanna's DSLR camera. It was really fun to use. Here are some of the photos. 

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