Sunday, July 22, 2007

Family Reunions and Rock climbing dates

Well, this week was yet again, another busy week in the life of Daniel. I worked up in yellowstone monday through thursday. Driving up early monday morning to yellowstone and then working all day up there, is not the funnest thing I discovered. It was worth it to spend more time with Susan and Paul while they were around.

Yellowstone is a pain right now, because the project is just about finished, but they still need us to come up and make sure everything runs smoothly. My uncle Allan used to say "its too bad the contractors aren't a bunch of pretty girls, because you have to hold their hands half the time."

We were able to leave thursday afternoon, at 12 to come home and go to the family reunion, it took us FOREVER to get out of the park, traffic was backed up for about 4 miles in one spot, I'm not sure why, but it took us half an hour to drive those 4 miles!! Then the rest of the drive was fairly uneventful.

The family reunion was fun, I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen for a while. Friday, I went to the ice caves that are in paris canyon, and explored those, climbed in one way, and out and up through a narrow slot in the rock, it was pretty fun. then we went to bear lake, and I tried water skiing, it was really fun. Then after that I went to Minnetonka cave and took the tour through the caves there. It was pretty neat how big they were, and all of the stalactites, stalagmites, and such that are there in the cave. then I just spent the rest of friday around camp talking.

Saturday Dad, David, Leonora, Richard and I climbed to the top of Paris peak. it took about 3 hours longer than we thought it would take us, it was a pretty fun hike, on the way back, I took the keys and ran down the mountain to grab the car and take it farther up the road so we could hike out a lot shorter distance than we hiked in.

Saturday night, I had a date set up, Brent and I took dates rock climbing, and then had a campfire and made some smores. We had a fire at the bottom of the cliffs we were climbing, there is a pretty steep road down to them so we took the jeep down there and then had fun getting back up the hill. It helps if you put it back in gear after you shift into four low! It was a fun date though. We picked the girls up at 7, and I got home from the family reunion at 6:30, barely enough time to change, eat, and get evertyhing ready that I needed to. It was a fun night though. I took Kiya, and Brent took Mindy.


Jennifer said...

Cute date!!! Didn't know Susan and Paul were in Idaho...Lucky!! I sure do miss you and everyone else!

Clint said...

Looks like a fun date--something I would have done back in the day! I'm jealous of all your adventures. I need to get out camping and hiking more.

Bro Payne
(in case you didn't know who Clint was)

Susan said...

Grant and Tucker sure enjoyed seeing their pics on your blog. They miss you and so do I!