Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, last weekend I didn't do a whole lot because I was sick, not a whole lot of fun, but I'm feeling better now. So this week, I did a plethora of things, mostly driving. I went to Paris, Idaho for the morning of the fourth, and did the fun run that is there. I walked it with Leonora and David. Then went to the parade there, and then drove back home for the fireworks show in Idaho Falls. I went there with the family, and then walked over and watched the firework show with my fhe sister who was up from texas visiting. Then Thursday I helped Joseph move some of his stuff out of his apartment and load his uhaul, he had most of it done by the time I got there. So I helped with what I could. then I took Katelyn, David, and my fhe sister Lindsay to the Ice caves north of the sand dunes. Then I came home and went to mission prep at the seminary building. After that was over I went over to Kenny's and watched him open his mission call. He's going to the Brazil, Sao Paulo North mission. I also learned that my climbing buddy breck got his mission call to Korea Daejon Mission! Then thursday night I packed my stuff to go backpacking over in the stanley area with Dad, David, Richard, and Dad's friend Brent Palmer. That was pretty fun, minus all of the mosquitoes, I about got eaten alive. The lakes there were pretty inviting and it was a chance to get out of the bugs, so I went swimming in the lake, richard and I found some logs to throw in the lake to play on, and it was lots of fun. then the next day we hiked out, after going to several other lakes in the area, the fishing wasn't very good in any of the lakes, but we did manage to catch 6 fish between the 5 of us at one lake, david kept one of the ones he caught. Then we hiked out, on the way out, I saw two small black bears, that ran away as soon as they heard us coming. I opened the hood when I got back to my jeep, because the radiator had boiled over on the way in, and found about 5 mice that had crawled up under my hood. then we drove home. It was a fun filled week, that gave me greater appreciation of the beauty of the world that was created for us. The lord really loves us, and I'm looking forward to going and spreading the word about the gospel of happiness to the people of Taiwan.

Zai Jian!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures!!! You had better take some of those with you on your mission to show people where you are from and what you do in your free time!!! Not to mention....DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!! I want to see Taiwan!