Sunday, May 9, 2010

crazy week

Well, this last week was an interesting one. I came up to Rexburg last sunday and spent the night at Richard and Jessica's. Then 4 am monday morning Rich and I started heading for work in Grand Teton National Park. We were there working all day, in the snow that changed to rain that changed to sleet that turned into a crazy blizzard and heavy windstorm that night. We spent the night in the trailer up there, then woke up the next morning to see several trees blown down across the road. We tried using the level tuesday morning, but it quit working on us because of us leaving it in the car. So we then drove back home that day knowing we would have to come back up later that week to finish it. It kind of put a lot of stress on me, because I knew it would be me going back up there that week to finish checking the control. Also the temperature changes made me sick and not feeling the best. I survived the week though. I took wednesday really easy and didn't do much. Then thursday I spent the day getting ready to head back up to the park for work. I also decided that I was going to buy a ukulele. So I got on amazon and found one that looked good and bought it, paying 3.99 extra for one day shipping so I could have it up at the park for this next week.

Thursday I also went to my friend Parker's wedding reception. It was pretty good seeing him again, and seeing his wife. I then had to drive up with Brian to the park that night so we could finish checking control on friday. It was a fun drive up, and another cold night in the trailer. We started working at 8 the next morning and it was 14 degrees F on top where we were working. it was pretty chilly to say the least. We managed to finish by 3 pm though, and head back on home. Its a really pretty drive and pretty area to be working in. Then saturday I was excited to get my ukulele and play with it. It will be fun learning how to play it.

It was nice being home for mothers day. I'm so grateful for my mom and all that she does for me. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father gave us families. Mine means so much to me, and I'm looking forward to starting my own family some day. I have time still though.

well, this is probably enough rambling on for now. I have to wake up and head to the park again tomorrow morning at 4 am. wish me luck!

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Rachel said...

Good luck with the weather this week. Thanks so much for your help yesterday. Have fun with your ukulele. Look forward to seeing you again this next weekend.