Sunday, May 16, 2010

A walk in the park

Well, this last week I spent most all of it working in the park. Monday morning Richard and I drove up there early, and started grade staking the road. We had 5 Km of road to stake, and wanted to finish as fast as we could. Monday we finished over 1 Km, and same with tuesday. Luckily the weather and traffic up there were not that bad at all. I went up this last week expecting the weather to be bad, because of the weather channel's report, but it wasn't too cold. I worked up there until thursday. Brian and I were 160 meters away from being done when we got called down to the bottom to look at something that the feds thought was out of spec. It wasn't, and then we had to hurry and leave so that we could make it home to go to Levi's wedding reception. It was nice being able to come home and take a shower after working up there all week without any running water, or power unless we hooked the generator up to the trailer. It wasn't too bad though. The stars were gorgeous at night and I enjoyed seeing them. Friday morning Brian and I drove back to the park, they had opened up the road through yellowstone and the pilot lines were pretty long. There were probably 30-40 cars in each line, which was much different than how it had been the rest of the week, with only about 4 cars max in the pilot lines. Brian and I finished grade staking in about an hour, and then just made sure everyone was happy before we took off. The weather up there was gorgeous, the tetons were really pretty as well. Since I finished working up at the park, I'll now be starting working on a boys ranch in Victor. I'm looking forward to it. Thats where grandpa grew up as a kid and I'm excited to be living in the area. I'll need to look up more of our family history from the area.

Well, thats about all I have to put up right now. This weekend I did go rock climbing and had fun, and I also went geocaching and ate at Mr. Pizzas. It was rather enjoyable.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for the visit on Saturday. It was great!!